Schema Creator

The easiest way to create HTML with microdata

Schema Creator by Raven WordPress Plugin

Schema Creator by Raven simplifies the process of adding structured data to content published with WordPress.

Plugin functionality

WordPress requirements

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.1


Raven Internet Marketing Tools has a history of creating and releasing free resources for online marketers.

In 2011, the company created this website,, to help SEOs, bloggers and others create correct code for microdata. The website has been used thousands of times since its launch.

In 2012, Raven worked with developer Andrew Norcross, president of Reaktive Studios, to build the plugin. Norcross is a Raven user and developer of more than 10 plugins.

Other Raven resources include and


The plugin creates a Schema Creator icon above the rich text editor. Click the icon to create a new schema.


Choose the schema you want to create from the select menu and then enter the data. Once you're finished, insert it into your post or page.


Schema Creator creates shortcode, which enables you to edit the schema after it's created.